I am happy to recommend him for all catering and food service operations. We have worked together to create a better food community in Birmingham by working with local farmers and institutional kitchens to improve the quality of food, cooking, and nutrition.
— Frank Stitt, owner and executive chef of Highlands Bar and Grill, Bottega Restaurant, and Chez Fon Fon
He was equally impressive on paper but when speaking with some of his clients, colleagues and competitors, there was always praise and admiration for this Chef. He is a positive role model, a great resource and is very respectful of my business.
— client Linda Croley of Bare Naked Noodles

Perhaps there is no chef in Birmingham who is woven into the fabric of our community as much as Chef Chris Vizzina. A Birmingham native, Chef Vizzina left home to train at New England Culinary Institute. His training there followed with two years spent working alongside Chef Frank Stitt as Chef de Cuisine at the renowned Highlands Bar and Grill. He’d spend the next twelve years bringing his fine dining training to thousands of college students, faculty, and staff at Campus Dining Incorporated, a company where he finished as President and Chief Operating Officer.


His dedication to fresh, healthy ingredients and both international and local purveyors was evident in his dishes and his growing business relationships. He focused on creating connections with farmers and distributors of the highest integrity. At the same time, he grew Campus Dining, Inc.’s clients ten-fold, expanding beyond the main campus at Samford University to include Mississippi College of Clinton and numerous private schools.

Chef Vizzina not only built business, but also extended humble service to his community. Chef Vizzina has given countless demonstrations at community centers, colleges, markets, and special events. He has volunteered his talents with the March of Dimes, First Light Women’s Shelter, and United Way, to name just a few. First Lady Michelle Obama honored him for his work as part of the Chefs Move to Schools initiative. And, he spent time training a youth culinary competition team at Wenonah Schools. His service on numerous boards helps demonstrate the recognition the Birmingham community has for Chef Vizzina’s positive influence.

Chef Vizzina’s work now culminates in his own culinary consulting company, The Vizzina Group, LLC. He extends his years of business experience, connections, and passion to his small but growing list of clients. The nature of his services demands personalization with each client’s needs. He identifies opportunities to increase efficiencies, expand business relationships, cut costs, improve quality, and incorporate sustainable practices. 

Chef Vizzina’s impact in the food industry is extending through his work behind-the-scenes of his successful clients. His passion for serving others will continue to make lasting positive impressions in Birmingham and beyond.


Four-time IMFA Silver Plate nominee

Nominated for the distinguished Fame Award

Named a Champion for Health and Urban Food Hero by Jones Valley Teaching Farms